Jenna Vanderhaar

Jenna Vanderhaar

Jenna Vanderhaar

Encourager in Healing from within

I’m on mission to bring healing and wholeness to women in my community. I am passionate about creating space for the transformative love of the Father to move in others’ lives. I am a nurse by trade, completing my Holistic Health Practitioner certification while serving overseas in health education and wellness practices. You can either find me walking and reflecting on the beach or scaling mountains literally and figuratively :) I also enjoy practicing and teaching faith-based yoga along with other fitness classes. I am joining this collective to connect with other women pursuing their passions!

She is also a trip leader for our Wholeness Journey organization. We are so thankful for her!

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Support our non-profit, Wholeness Journey, as we bring healing, identity, wholeness & purpose to women, children & families who have been affected by trauma, human trafficking, refugees and ultra impoverished locally & globally.