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These retreats consists of an intimate group of like-minded individuals who are living a full life, where we can be fueled on healthy food cooked by a passionate food lover and health/nutrition coach, daily yoga/exercise, hiking, art, reflecting, storytelling, and workshops/practical tools to take home with you. I believe and know that as leaders are refueled, refreshed and learn how to keep a balanced, healthy lifestyle we can fully live out our purposes even greater! We are designed to live life fully and running with our glasses full instead of empty. I hope this encourages you that the world needs the WHOLE you!

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Testimonial, Shelby Barnes

From the moment I met Jess, I knew that I would be 100% behind her in whatever she was doing. I've never had any doubt that her heart is fully committed to the people she serves and surrounds herself with and that she cares deeply about everyone feeling fulfilled and living their purpose. I have seen it first hand in my life as she has constantly supported me and believed in me- way more than I even believe in myself and for that, I am so grateful! I love how you tackle life and make your opportunities to live an amazing life.
- Shelby Barnes

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Support our non-profit, Wholeness Journey, as we bring healing, identity, wholeness & purpose to women, children & families who have been affected by trauma, human trafficking, refugees and ultra impoverished locally & globally.