One On One

One On One


1. Are you a woman who doesn't really know the next steps with their life, passion project or business yet are searching & willing to put in the work & uncover it. And make your dreams a reality?!
2. Are you a woman who's a badass in your life and clear on where you are going (career or whatever area) yet are run down, exhausted, and looking for health, wellness and vitality again?

Then guess what..I want to help you!

With the one-on-one coaching sessions you will get:
1 Hour coaching session a week
Whole life assessment & coaching tools
Recorded video calls to go back and listen at any time
Growth-work & practical tools throughout the week
Support as needed through voxer APP with any questions and accountability
You get me as a professional encourager along the way!

WHY does this matter to me?

My desire is that every person knows that no matter what YOU ARE WORTH IT.  You have a story to tell, unique talents, skills and abilities to share with the world and you can make a positive difference on this earth.  

I will walk with you through your struggles, listen to where you are now, help rid the shame you've believe about yourself and live the freedom you desire!  It's definitely not easy, it's not a quick fix, it takes time, commitment and work yet it is so worth going through this journey to ultimately live who you were created to be.  Guess what, you are not alone in this process.

In order to be successful you will need to learn and take action in practical ways to manage your mindset, your physiology, and gain self & others awareness. You are the leader of your life and it's up to you whether you are someone who stays the same or someone who is eager to make an impact. I'm here to help guide you through living your life of purpose and impact & how this can be done in a healthy, sustainable way.

I can guide you in practical ways with 1-1 coaching sessions to get you from where you are to where you want to go! Set up a complimentary clarity call below.


Testimonial, Sharon Mead

Jessica has already begun to help me see where I've been tripped up in the past with goals or improvements in my life. Her coaching has unveiled how I don't pursue any goals because of some fundamental messages (i.e. lies) that I've believed for some time which hold me back. Instead, she is guiding me to figure out what I want, where I am currently, and find tangible ways to move my life forward. Without this coaching, I'm confident that I would have woken up five to 15 years from now and felt that I was in the exact same place. I don't want that result. I'm moving the path to a more positive and joy-filled outcome - thanks to Jessica.
- Sharon Mead

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