The Wholeness Journey is about helping others cultivate wholeness in mind/body/spirit, connecting with God, and service to those in need.

We achieve this by offering unique experiences that are a blend of mission trips, yoga retreats, and self-development workshops. Wholeness Journeys utilize unique tools like storytelling, yoga, meditation, listening prayer, art, and beauty activities. We incorporate expertise in the fields of beauty, wellness, and yoga to teach both the team and the local people we serve how to express and celebrate their identity in a Biblical way. God is faithful to create life changing experiences in both the Wholeness Journey participant and the local people we serve.

The Wholeness Journey partners with non-profit organizations and faith based ministries around the world who are doing incredible work to serve those who have been affected by abuse, trauma or human trafficking. Since 2016, we have partnered with the women's ministry of a church in San Pedro, Guatemala that serves impoverished women who are highly susceptible to various forms of abuse. We've also partnered with an anti-trafficking organization in Pattaya, Thailand, that serves men and women coming out of the sex-for-sale industry and is on a mission to rescue, train and equip them for a life of hope and freedom. The Wholeness Journey comes alongside trusted organizations to add value to the sustainable work they are already doing on the ground.

Over the course of Wholeness Journey experiences, our participants uncover new truths from God about who they are created to be and then share what they learn with others in need. At the close of our trips, we always take time to work on plans for how to apply what we've learned, so that we can go home and live purposefully in our everyday lives.

In order to keep these experiences both for the participants and those we serve, please prayerfully consider giving so we can keep impacting more lives!



Support our non-profit, Wholeness Journey, as we bring healing, identity, wholeness & purpose to women, children & families who have been affected by trauma, human trafficking, refugees and ultra impoverished locally & globally.