Author: Jessica
October 11, 2018

The most profound and life altering experience is a commitment to you.

You might wonder what that means.  Most of us know about commitment. We commit to hiding or exaggerating our flaws, trying to make others happy or comfortable at the expense of our happiness and comfort, supporting other peoples’ dreams at the expense of our own dreams.  We commit to who we think we should be instead of who we are right in this moment. We commit to seeing ourselves through the lens of others basing our self-worth on acceptance rather than witnessing our special beauty and strength.

The true keystone to committing to YOU is to simply love who you are…LOVE all of you-flaws and all.  You commit to yourself the same way that you’re willing to release the past and ideas that tell you you “should” be different than what you are being in this very moment.  Our deepest healing occurs when we learn to be our own best friend.

How do you become your own best friend you might ask?  Well, the first step looks like spending time with yourself.  So often we fill our space, our time, our energy focusing on others.  If we are constantly with people we may base our thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on what others tell us and by what we see.  Everyone wants to be accepted, to be loved; to be noticed. Our desire to connect is what spins our wheels into determining how we live our life.  Imagine if you got to know yourself so deeply that no matter who you were with you didn’t have fears of rejection, of being seen, or of feeling the pressures to measure up to society?  How freeing!

Where is your happy place? Do you have a place you can go where you feel like all the cares, the worries and weights of your heart can be let out and free?  A perfect start is to find this place. Come to where all the chaos, the racing, the panting and the running stops. Often times our minds are cluttered with confusion, lies, our brokenness,  which then gives us an unsettled direction. We can live our lives running in circles or we can live it into intentional purpose and freedom.

We were created on this earth for a purpose far greater than we know.  Our design is beautiful, it is intricate, it is unexplainable and dynamic.  The only problem is we are not so in love with ourselves that we don’t fully live into the power we have within us. There is no time to waste, the world needs you and it’s not the same if you are tip toeing around trying to find yourself forever. 

It’s time to connect with yourself.  Now that you are have found that place that you’ve left the chaos let’s become still.  Stillness can scare us. I think that is why we prolong the moments we have with ourselves.  We start to feel emotions we have never felt, we see our fears, we hear voices in our head we have never heard, we begin to question ourselves.  Guess what, this is a good thing. We have become numb to ourselves for so long. We have become numb to what we really want in our lives.

1. Get to a place that brings stillness, away from all the chaos.
2. Understand our body as a whole. We are connected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
3. Close eyes, feel senses, notice emotions that arise
4. Without words, feel it, if you see your life in a perfect world what does that look like?  Even if it makes no sense draw it out
5. How do you want to feel in your life?  Sense of joy, fun, passion….? We are designed with an inner feeling

To know yourself you need to come to terms that your body lets you know what to do.  We have feelings for a reason, we get urges and nudges for the purpose of saying yes, no, go or stay.  If we live our lives ignoring our body’s responses with thinking we need a coffee to get over the anxious feelings we have then created a life that goes in circles with uncertainty and living life in a way that is not really what we want.  What can make the switch? Sit, sit, dwell; be still.

What would make your life different if you had something to anchor to?  If you felt so secure and grounded in who you are, in your decisions and where your life is?  A life of running, exhaustion, is not a life of freedom at all.

I love this quote from a book called Present over Perfect, “ Sailing around the world isn’t necessarily brave. Leaving real life for two years isnt necessarily brave.  What you’re doing- what you’re building- I think that is brave.” Brave doesnt always seem like the glamour that you’d expect. Something that is brave to you could be that you need to stay when your norm is your need to run.  Brave could be to commit instead of back out last minute. Brave could be to speak up where you have felt shut up. Brave could be to build when all you want to do play. Brave could mean play when all you want to do is build. It sometimes means that we need to uncover the things that keep us from being our brave.  Brave could be to articulate your feelings even when they are sappy, sad and not all rainbows and butterflies. The things that might seem brave to us may seem unsexy to others- these are the most beautiful things. What is your body, spirit and mind telling you brave is instead of what culture says brave is? What is your brave?


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