Author: Jessica
September 12, 2018


Ladies this is for you.

“When rubber meets the road, take the road less traveled. You’re not made to stop, you’re made to keep going even in the strong current.

You go hard because you’re a determined girl. When you strive too much you stop dead in your tracks and laugh because you remember there is no fear of the future.  You go where the Spirit leads and as you let go of what doesn’t seem natural you get into the position of exactly where you’re supposed to be. From there it naturally flows, the fears dissipate and with love and grace your fierce warrior stance is clear. There is nothing that keeps you from what’s right in front of you.”

As I saw this picture and remembered everything about this moment I will never forget when the photographer asked if I could get into some yoga poses he could shoot.  At first I went blank and couldn’t think of anything. I tried to get super creative to think what would look best in the photos, because who doesn’t want a bad ass looking yoga pose with just the right poses. I felt paralyzed as if everything had to look perfect and that I had to try really hard for anything to work out. Good thing for photographers who know what they are doing because he reminded me to start doing a practice sequence that I would naturally do at home.

Once he basically said “DO YOU”, I closed my eyes, got in my zone, started moving to the natural flow of who I am and he caught the perfect poses I didn’t even think of before.  I then remembered the fierce woman when I am naturally flowing in what I am created to do. Sometimes in life we think too much, strive too much, or fear too much. When we let go of what we think life, our plans, or perfect image is supposed to look like then that is where the natural flow and sweet spot happens.  We can then be reminded that when you are led a certain direction, you can be clear on it, focus on it and dive deep in beauty, strength and courage. Go where you are led to go, run forward in the face of your fears, take risks and remember you are a fierce warrior daughter.


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