Author: Jessica
January 05, 2019

What a gift it is to be wild and free
The more I talk with women the more that I find out we have more in common than most think we do.  Sometimes we feel like we are overwhelmed, alone through a process, and misunderstood. 

I know for myself, at times I have felt both like I am not enough or that I am too much.  There is a dance inside of me that says, “achieve more”, then there is the other side that says, “don’t outshine anyone, you don’t want to seem like you’re trying to show off.”  It’s a constant battle of putting one foot forward and then taking one step back. 

The funny thing is that this dance in my head drives me crazy and leads to overwhelm.  I feel at times that I am not able to fully be myself because if I go all in or if I hide back I will probably have been too much or not enough anyways.

About this dance in my head driving me crazy, I think about while I am physically dancing it is the time for my mind to rest and for me to be free.  I let go of any thoughts, any insecurities, any limiting beliefs and I let my body move and my heart run free.  I laugh, I have joy, I may even be with people but I don’t care what they think, I am in my prime element of BE-ing. This is my wild and free.

It reminds me that we can have something that sets us so free and at the same time, the same thing can debilitate us.  The dancing in my head doesn’t serve me at all, yet the dancing in my body and heart is where I am most free.  This is where I have learned that it all needs to be connected and working toward balance so I don’t let my mind overrule me.  It gets me back to a place reminding me how I don’t need to worry, everything is going to be ok, and how me BE-ing me is the perfect place to be wild and free.

Ladies, do you feel as if you have to DO something for God?  Do you feel that you’ll be more useful if you are obedient?  Do you feel that He needs you to do anything? Do you feel that if you perform greater things, that will make you have more meaning?  Do you think God actually cares about all of that? NO.

The reason is because you are enough.

Can He use you in mighty ways if He tugs on your heart and you say YES?!
OF COURSE! It’s because He delights in you.

He made you to THRIVE in who you are. You are His Masterpiece. He wants to watch you SHINE because He delights in you.

Inventors or creators love to watch their product/item shine because they designed it that way.  They take joy in watching their creation thrive.  It benefits the world when it does and it wouldn’t be living into its creation if it just sat there.

You could sit around all your life, yet because you were created with certain fibers that make up your unique design, people and the world would get a glimpse of heaven on earth because they would get a taste of what the creator created through you.

So get this…you are enough and you are not too much.

You have all the authority in the world to be wild and free!it


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