From Tired to Thriving- Part 2

From Tired to Thriving- Part 2

May 20, 2019

When I was in California, "living the dream", and I went through health problems, I finally took a step back and reevaluated my life.  I realized that the things I was pursuing were actually meaningless.  I remembered as a small child that I had always wanted to travel the world and help people (as well as be a famous singer or figure skater….hahaha…I think those dreams are gone now =)  So I set on a journey to discover what it looked like to travel and serve others.  I locked myself in my room for about 5 days to pray, meditate, draw and figure it out.  I only spoke with about 3 people because I didn't want the voices of so many people to dictate my decisions. I will never forget calling my parents while I was at a grocery store and telling them that I thought I was supposed to travel the world and help people.  They both had been missionaries and traveled all over the world so I knew they would at least understand a little bit.  I remember them being supportive but asking me questions like: "Have you thought about going with a team?  Do you know who you want to help?" I knew they were asking me because they were extremely supportive and wanted me to make the wisest decisions.

I will never forget talking with a friend of mine, also named Jessica, and telling her the vision and desires that I had. She asked if I had ever heard of The World Race.  No I hadn't. When I looked at the website, there was something in me that was as if my heart skipped a beat and I knew that's what I needed to do. It was 11 months of traveling the world and staying in one country for one month at a time to serve those who are in need most: helping to build orphanages, teach English, work in the slums, serve those affected by sexual exploitation and human trafficking, and share Jesus' love with anyone we encountered.  I was like..WHATTTT?!?!..this is what I was telling my parents I knew I needed to do, and I thought I was making it up..I didn't know it existed!

Even thought I loved California and didn't want to leave, I decided it was time to make an impact in the way my heart was led..and do THIS THING!

Before heading out, I did a lot of research in all my free time reading blogs on peoples' experiences on The World Race.  I realized that there were so many people who were feeling tired, fatigued and resulting to unhealthy patterns to "just get through the day."  But guess what, we are not on this planet to "JUST GET THROUGH THE DAY", we are designed to live life fully.  So I was asked if I could start a "healthy living track."  With this I had an opportunity to empower a leader for every team and encourage more than 60 people to live a healthy lifestyle no matter where they were in the world in order to serve others at their best. It was all trial & error and learning a lot the way but it changed my perspective on life.

This was a life changing experience for me because I got to work with so many people around the states and the world and find out what gets in the way of their dreams, what makes them feel fatigued and what makes them more confident.  It showed that no matter where in the world…everyone desires to feel good about themselves, to be joyful and have the energy to pursue the things they desire.

Watching others have "AH-HA" moments is my favorite thing.  It doesn't matter to me what that moment is, as long as it's pushing you in a healthy way closer to what you're calling has for you..i'm all about it!


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