Trust is the antidote to fear

Trust is the antidote to fear

Author: Jessica Dahl
February 09, 2020

What happens when we fear?  We may feel paralyzed, stopped dead in your tracks, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, clouded. Does any of this resonate?  I know thats what happens to me!

I don’t know about you but usually fear creeps in when I am entering a new season, when a breakthrough is about to happen, when there are many unknown moving parts.  When I allow fear to take over, thoughts flood my mind and then the feelings I listed above begin to become my reality. What we think about really does become our reality.  I can have the same exact interaction with something as you, and you can have a completely different experience than I do based on what you think about it.

As I have been studying fear, I found an interesting quote that I'd love to have a conversation about. Let me know what you think because I think it can have many perspectives.

“Trust is the antidote to fear.”  Hmm….what does that even mean?

Antidote= “A remedy to counteract poison.”

Trust=  “The assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.”

When I think about the concept of fear, there needs to be a bigger foundation as to why we would even want to break out of fear.  We have to realize that fear is what holds us back from being fully who we are created to be. Only then we can decide how important to us it is to get through the fear or not. Do we want it bad enough?

And going back to my top point that if TRUST is the antidote to FEAR, then trust must be really, really important.  If fear is poison, and trust is what dissipates that it must be foundational that we really think about who & what we trust in.

Trust isn’t easy. Trust is having complete reliance on something.  It’s a surrender that you can release control and believe that everything is going to work out.  Trust is scary. When you trust something or someone and put full reliance on it, you are opening up to being hurt, opening up for heartache. That’s rough, no one likes getting hurt. At least, I don't think so?

I have recently been thinking about people in my life. With being a very independent woman very capable of doing anything I thought about if tomorrow I was to lose everything, or I was suddenly life threateningly sick, who would I trust with my life?  It was an interesting concept to think about because you literally have to surrender your life to someone else and believe that whatever way they decide your life is going to go, you will be on a good path. It’s a relinquishing of control.  You may think that you're not a controlling person, yet if you have a hard time trusting, look at where you may be holding onto control.

In moments of fear, what or who can we trust?  When our minds are flooded with thoughts, our heart is racing, and unknowns before us, what do we cling to?

Look at your life, with the threshold of every challenge, any opportunity for growth, there will come a time where fear creeps in.  It is a small way to try and keep you from your destiny, to rattle your peace, to shatter your dreams and paralyze you from who you’re designed to be. 

Walking through this fear with an unshakeable trust is what is going to get you through. And not only get you through, it is going to be an inner confidence that even in the unknowns you have something you can depend on when everything else doesn’t seem to make any sense at all.

In one word, if you were to put your trust in something bigger than yourself and surrender control while going through the fear, how would you feel?

I am rooting for you, I am here for you, and no matter what you are going through today, there is a huge purpose and plan for your life and take a deep breath as you navigate this thing called...LIFE.

Feel Free to download my FREE Facing Fear Exercise that has personally helped me go through fear!

I genuinely want to know your thoughts on going through fear and what you find your trust in.  You are not alone.





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