Author: Jessica
November 11, 2018

Sometimes I feel like I am walking on a rope, a fine line that may break at any time.  I look out into the distance of the sea with nothing but water and clouds past my feet.  It’s an overwhelming feeling that “anything is possible.”  With nothing holding me back, nothing I am tied down to, the wind in my hair, the Spirit pounding in my chest, a grace that surrounds my mind, I am reminded to be brave.

I feel a light breeze and a still small voice that says, “I give you permission” . I laugh because it’s permission for things I’ve longed for when I was young.  I feel like I have had 10 different lives.  Sometimes it seems annoying to start over again, and again, and again…then I think about it and how beautiful it really is.  Every day is a literal adventure.  The words I hear almost daily, “are you ready? You’re about to encounter the unknown.” There are people I never thought I would encounter, things I never thought I would say, my heart learns to love more each and every day.  The beauty of every vibrant color that surrounds me, the feelings, sensations and emotions that are felt daily.  The still, small voice in my chest that gets louder and louder.  I am forever grateful for the life that I have the honor to live.  It is a life of abundance, of joy, peace, patience, love, fun and it’s passionate.  I don’t think there is anywhere else I’d rather be. There is no other life i’d rather live.

The 10 lives I have lived already are still ringing in the back of my ear.  Those memories make me laugh, cry, believe, have faith and dream for more.  It’s what got me here today..the feeling like I am walking on a fine line of rope.   I realize this rope is hope.  As long as there is a sense of hope, the fine rope never breaks. Anything is possible, no matter how thin the rope feels, it never seems to break. There is a strength in hope, in vision for the future, there is a purpose far greater than we can believe, imagine or comprehend.  Don’t look to the right or to the left, walk on the fine rope with a sense of hope and you will never regret.


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